I got a Game Boy!

Remember how I wanted to get a Game Boy a couple weeks ago? Well here it is!
  • Game boy Advance SP: 15€
  • Metroid II: 15€
Also, I just found a way to change the color of original Game Boy games on the Game Boy advance: input one of the following combinations when the Game Boy logo appears:

This way I can play Metroid II in black and white, for maximum nostalgia :)

Let's play some Game Boy

Reading this post about Metroid II got me all pumped up about playing some Gameboy, for old times' sake.
Here's the two options I've surveyed to go about it:
I'm bidding on several Game Boys on eBay, I'll tell you more as it develops :)

Windows 10 in your Macbook or iMac

You'll need an 8+GB USB drive  and about 15 minutes. All the data in OS X will remain untouched, no worries.
  1. Download Windows 10 Technical Preview from here (you need to join the Insider program first) or directly from here.

How to clean your Graphics card

1. Open your PC and locate your graphics card, normally the big expansion card just below the CPU.

Live on Youtube!

I'm on Youtube now!


Currently I'm playing Dark Souls, on my first NG+ run. Lot's of PVP'ing and jolly cooperation :)

The no-frills guide to Crouton: Linux games on your Chromebook

from blogs.ncs-nj.org/minecraft/2012/12/28/minecraft-on-a-chromebook/
A few days ago I installed Crouton on my Chromebook Pixel, after a couple hours of scouring the internet and following several guides. Here's a summary of the steps that I followed: